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Building a good supply of food to last over 2 weeks is a really good idea espeically now during the current pandemic!

Best foods with long shelf life during those times we can't go to the shops often.

Foods that won't expire for at least 2 years!

How to filter water with natural elements when camping or in the open.  

Edible plants include primrose, thistle roots, dandelions and stinging nettles.

This flatbread looks so simple and delicious to make with 3 simple ingredients: 

sweet potatoes, sprouted wheatflour and 1/2 tsp salt.

Dandelion tea is really difficult to find but it's meant to be a really good herbal tea.

This grilled pizza is what is needed. Lol.

The pizzas in a DIY pizza oven must be really authentic.

Some of the simplest rocket stoves I have seen so far; the brick rocket stoves seem to be as quick to assemble.

A simple stove to use anywhere!

if you happen to be in a national park where camping is permitted, a small grill rack, some bacon, an onion and mince and a cold drink... in the open element? 

Winter in May (Lol) but at least you can watch this sitting comfortably on a sofa with an ice cold drink and some crisps or for others apple chips (Lol).

5 of the best pop up tents for camping (2020)

You either love camping or can't understand it yet if you see these pop up tents you may change your mind. Lol

The rice bowl is something I hadn't thought of. Lol,.  Some excellent ideas from around the kitchen.

Shop bought vegetables and herbs for re-growing; some can be potted in a flower pot but if you have limited space then re-growing potatoes may need a much larger planting area.

Some super cheap ideas with the dollar store | pound shop supplies!

13 really useful organisational ideas in the kitchen

My kitchen cupboard is small so these tips are really useful especially the empty drinks cartons.

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